12.1.18: DJ Marty Hoeft is #HOUSETRAINED by Pierre Parnis AKA Parnix/Digital Hoarders

On Sunday #HOUSETRAINED resident DJ/producer/remixer Pierre Parnis, aka Digital Hoarders will be joining Marty with his latest set, which is 1 hour jam packed full of all of his own creations.




Pierre’s love for music started from a very early age and at 19 he started djing on the underground house party scene in Malta, moving on to the main clubs and main parties around the island.




Moving to London in 2008, he took up the challenge of producing, working on soundtracks for art movies, and working on collaborations with different artists. Inspired by pop music and pop art, remixing commercial chart music is his love, transforming pop tracks into dancefloor bombs. Many of his remixes have found their home on Electric’s rotating playlist over the last 12 months.




After a long break from DJing to concentrate on producing and remixing Pierre started djing again early 2014 – and this Friday at 11pm, he exclusively presents a taste of what to expect from his current DJ sets. He has the keys to this #HOUSETRAINED anytime he wants to thow a party!










Published by Marty Hoeft

4 months ago