2018 DEEP:TECH Residency Series


2018 is now fully set in its tracks and following suit is Louis Robinson’s new 2018 Deep:Tech Radio Residency Series. Every week Louis hosts a 2-hour show here on the Dance Power Station Sunday evenings between 8-10pm. Joining him each week in the second half of his show is one of the following four brands, Solite, B4, Smile Events Ibiza and East Project Records, each bringing with them heavyweight guests and residents from their teams.

Kicking the series off with a bang Louis has already been joined by “KI A PO”  from Solite (07.01.18) & “Laura Harvey” from B4 (14.01.18). Over the next two weeks rounding off the first month of the series Louis will be joined by Ibiza based duo “Krusounds” representing Smile Events Ibiza & “Lindsey Matthews” representing East Project Records.


With such a big month to kick off the series expect the year to be a full packed one for Louis’ show Deep:Tech.

Previous shows.

KI A PO (Solite);


Laura Harvey (B4);


DEEP:TECH hosted by Louis Robinson;


KI A PO Solite Krusound, Smile Events Ibiza Laura Harvey, B4 Lindsey Matthews, East Project Records

Published by Louis Robinson

5 months ago