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Moby gets large “Vegan For Life” neck tattoo

Written by on 18 September 2019

The last time the media at large heard from Moby, he was cancelling his book tour and all public appearances after a series of very public media gaffes. This included a highly inappropriate, drunken run-in with Donald Trump to his “friendly” involvement with Natalie Portman. Now, he’s back and of course he’s making a statement. While he’s […]

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BREAKING: Noisia Are Breaking Up After 20 Years

Written by on 17 September 2019

NOISIA BREAKING UP:  Some very bittersweet news this morning as Noisia just announced their decision to part ways. After nearly 20 years running, the electronic music pioneers are ready to move on. Noisia, as we know it, is over. That’s the bitter. The sweet part comes in as the trio reassures fans they’ll continue to stay […]

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Your EDM Premiere: Kabes – Sanctuary

Written by on 12 September 2019

Released today via 2DEX is the epic ‘Sanctuary’ from Kabes. At 21 years old, Kabes has been making stunning electronic/bass sounds like ‘Blast’ and more recently ‘Sun,’ honing his cinematic production chops. ‘Sanctuary’ is a fully immersive listen. Drenched in sweeping chord progressions whilst its pattering synth melodies develop with fluidity, the track bubbles with urgency […]

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