The role of a tastemaker in music has diminished somewhat in an era of such easily accessible music. Playlists and reposts dictate what ends up getting popular much of the time, but select artists still hold a curator’s power, especially when those artists are well respected or have a cult following.

Case in point: Porter Robinson.

The young producer just shared a small list of releases that he loves from 2018, including Kero Kero Bonito album Time ‘n’ Place, the new G Jones album The Ineffable Truth, and the Swardy EP Here On My Own.

Time ‘n’ Place is an… interesting album, with minimal flourishes and a lot of eccentricities. We’ve already gushed about how much we love G Jones’ album here. And we’ve done the same for Swardy’s EP, as well.

You can listen to all of them on your own below!

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