Electric Guest Mix 01.08.14: Chris Barker (Dirty Sunset Disco)

This Friday at 11pm, Electric are thrilled to welcome South Coast favourite Chris Barker to the Electric Guest Mix, ahead of a busy Brighton Pride weekend for him!

A DJ for over 20 years, Chris is engaged in a long term love affair with music and can currently be found in residence cueing ‘em up at Brighton’s Dirty Sunset Disco and Tik Tok at Barcode, London.

His sounds have long been part of the blend at such South Coast institutions as Zanzibar, Wild Fruit, Sunday Sundae and Coco Latte. Taking things further afield, he’s taken the party out to the people, playing various International venues like the KC Beach Club, Thailand and the Earthdance Festival, Sinai Desert, Egypt.

Chris is into an eclectic range and fusion of styles including Deep House, Vintage House, DISCO and Indie Dance. There are tunes and hidden gems that cross many different genres so he prefers to not get too restricted by music categories in what he plays but he always steers the tunes towards sultry baselines, sophisticated and soulful vocals and percussive rhythms.

This weekend, Chris plays Dirty Sunset Disco’s ‘Brighton Pride Lift-Off’ at OHSO Social on Friday night, the Men’s Tent at Brighton Pride on Saturday, and back to OHSO for Dirty Sunset Disco ‘Full Throttle’ on Saturday night – so no excuse to miss the man if you’re heading to Brighton Pride this weekend!

[repeated Saturday at midnight]


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Dirty Sunset Disco: official webpage

Brighton Pride: official webpage

Published by Johnny Kalifornia

4 years ago