Brad Pitt has joked that it was good to have Leonardo DiCaprio helping him out on their new film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Pitt – who plays a stuntman in the latest offering from Quentin Tarantino – told Sky News he enjoyed finally appearing on screen with his old friend.

“He’s a good egg,” Pitt said of the Oscar winner at the film’s premiere in London.

“Easy peasy, and I was really happy to have him to help carry the load.”

The Fight Club star admits the atmosphere on set was also helpful when it came to his performance.

“Quentin [Tarantino] just keeps a really fresh vibe going, just a lot of talk about film, a lot of laughs and telling stories in between takes.

“And then we get pretty good takes,” he continued.

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The film is set in 1969 in the build-up to the Manson murders as Hollywood was changing.

Quentin Tarantino attends the UK Premiere of Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on July 30, 2019 in London
Image: Quentin Tarantino directed Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

DiCaprio plays an actor struggling with his career – a feeling he has not encountered.

“All I know is I love doing what I do,” he told Sky News.

“I look at this as a great gift and I try my best to do the best films I can while I’m here and able to work.

“And I try my best to work with directors that I feel have something to say and have a great vision.”

It is not the first time DiCaprio has worked with Tarantino and he says making this period piece – described as a love letter to Hollywood – with the director was special.

“Quentin is one of those filmmakers who really takes the film making practice into an era that I think we’ve now passed with CGI and digital,” DiCaprio said.

“He literally recreated all of Hollywood Boulevard, everything was authentic around us, the people that we were surrounded with had such a passion for making movies in a different style.

“It’s incredibly unique and it’s not going to be something that I encounter very much in the future.”

In the film Tarantino blended true events with his own storytelling, and while DiCaprio plays a fictional actor, Margot Robbie stars as the actress Sharon Tate, who was a rising star in 1969.

Robbie said the filmmaker was clear about what he wanted from her.

“There was a pretty distinct version of Sharon that Quentin wanted to portray, very affectionate version, and that was clear in the script, so I did all my usual prep, and then beyond that you let the director tell you what he wants.”

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is in UK cinemas from 14 August.

courtesy of Sky News