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Dickey Doo – ALL STAR

Over the last decade and a half, DJ Dickey Doo has established an international reputation, from his hometown of Vancouver, to headlining the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco, via New York’s Wigstock and Horse Meat Disco in Berlin, his home base.

Musically, Dickey has collaborated with artists such as Eddie Amador, NYC’s Lady Bunny, punk legends S.N.F.U., and Fabric’s Tyler Stadius and, under the name Dixmix, released his first solo album Nocturnal Adventures in 2004. Aside from this, his dancefloor expertise and production knowledge have brought the opportunites to remix R.E.M., Peaches, Light Asylum, Sherry Vine, Shunda K and Q-Boy, as well as his mashup of “My Penis My Pussy” by Larry Tee featuring Amanda Lepore and Perez Hilton.

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Published by Quentin Nield

2 years ago