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James Bartlett: Tech Junkie

James Bartlett began his love for music at a very early age. With his father being a drummer in a jazz James Bartlettband in the late 80’s and his mothers eclectic taste, he spent hours rooting through their vinyl and falling in love with many genres.


A child of the 90s, he grew to love Hip Hop, R n B, soul, pop, and all kinds of dance music. On turning 18 and working in a nightclub in his home town Bournemouth, he was introduced the House music that was around at the time. Uplifting House classics became an enormous part of his CD collection, not forgetting the hip hop sound he loved growing up.


Moving to London several years later, he became assistant manager at the iconic Gay bar Comptons of Soho, on Old Compton Street. There he changed the music policy and introduced a rolling rota of over 12 DJs bringing an uplifting sound of House, Tech and Disco. After some time of listening to these masters of their craft, he grew interested in the technicalities of DJing, and under the watchful eye of the Legendary Tasty Tim and friend Zach Burns, he learned the basics.


Once he found his confidence, he began to rota himself on a monthly basis to show what he had learnt. After some time, he was given opportunities to play in Heaven and the Brand New East London night Daddy Issues with Borja Pena.


As with his influences growing up in music, his sound varies from Uplifting classic house, Disco grooves to Deep Tech House depending on the audience. Born from his love of hip hop, there are usually many nods to this genre in his sets.


James loves nothing more than to see a crowd responding to the music he plays, and to give everyone something to dance to.


Published by Addison

1 year ago