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Marty Hoeft is here every Sunday at 2pm with #HouseTrained!

ht 20.1.18

Marty is an experienced DJ who has played South, East and Central London venues, as well as clubs internationally. Marty Hoeft has many different sounds, but House music is at the heart of every of his sets. With the slackening of a firm music policy, he started his Bromance Soho party in 2011-2013 and is about to launch the evolution of this concept called Nu Future to remind people there is such this as a genre, a theme, and a crowd. Staying on top of all new house tunes, his music will both intrigue and inspire you to dance a bit more than you usually would.. He is proud to be a member of the ThisIsElectric Family and in psyched to be bringing a weekly 2 hour show to the mix.

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Published by Quentin Nield

3 years ago