Electric Guest Mix 26.10.13: Hifi Sean

DJ Hifi Sean (Sean Dickson) has been pushing the boundaries of music since first joining bands in Glasgow in his teens, and as composer, musician, DJ and producer has continued to do so across musical genres his whole life  – from his beginnings as singer/songwriter and producer in his band The Soup Dragons, via critically acclaimed band ‘The High Fidelity’, to his current role as a highly successful London based DJ, remixer and producer.

For Sean, DJing is not merely a case of playing records – it is a uniquely creative and individual act. His sweat-inducing sets are built on many of his own exclusive remixes and re-edits. This, alongside his dedication to the music and the audience, has seen Sean take up residencies and thrill dancefloors at the most popular, boundary-pushing clubs in London’s underground dance scene, including Beyond and ‘Raw’ at Orange. Sean has additionally spun out his sound for Barcode London, DTPM, Hustlaball, Recon and Kinky ‘Trade, across Europe, a capacity tour of the USA and a 4 week tour of Australia last year.

Sean has a fiercely loyal fanbase – with close to 50,000 subscribers to his monthly iTunes podcast.

We’re super-excited to welcome Hifi Sean to This Is Electric, as he unveils his first Electric guest mix this Saturday at Midnight (repeated Sunday 9am).


Visit Sean’s website

Sean’s Podomatic Page

Sean on Soundcloud

Sean’s podcasts on iTunes

Published by Johnny Kalifornia

4 years ago