We Are Electric


For a long time some of us in the radio industry have been wanting to serve Cambridge and London with a pure dance station – we felt there were big sections of the music scene that never get any airplay. We are playing the cutting edge tunes way before the “big boys” catch on, and don’t dilute our output with songs that only just scrape into the “House” genre – this is the REAL THING!


With a much larger than industry standard playlist, during the day we curate an exciting mix of familiar and classic dance anthems alongside brand new bangers hot off the presses! At weekends, #DANCEPOWERSTATION DJs have much more freedom to choose music within the This is Electric format. We pick presenters who are taste-makers in their area of expertise – why would we tinker with their selection? We are curators of this fantastic genre of great music, so you don’t have to be.


The evenings and weekends are when you are getting ready to go out. We want to be your soundtrack. We want to be the station you put on at parties. We are the insurgents, not the establishment – we don’t have to follow the old rules.


We run light and agile –  we have no studios. The station is hosted using new technology in the “cloud”. We use remote control from laptops and computers anywhere we want to be – to make shows and do outside broadcasts with no restraints. It gives us great flexibility, the presenters and DJs do shows and mixes from home/office/clubs! We can “pop-up” anywhere.


Our team is a mixture of experienced radio industry “old-hands” and energetic new people from club, music and entertainment worlds. We are a diverse, attitude-free group, from the hottest DJs, artists, presenters and remixers on the scene today.


Clearly we are doing something right – our audience is building. Recent figures put our online listening at over 340,000 listeners a month!  Get in touch at sales@thisiselectric.co.uk if you would like to see how your brand can reach our loyal listeners and be part of the movement as we grow.


The DANCEPOWERSTATION really is the club sound of London broadcasting to the UK and worldwide.


For more details contact:

Managing Director: Addison White

Director of Music: Simon Le Vans

Sales Director: Matt Crabb



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5 years ago